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Welcome to clan Just Kill!
Thank you for checking out this website. My name is 2745meters, and you may refer to me as "meters". I am currently a level 10 recon. I play the objective, and help my team.

Golden rule of Just Kill
We do not complain. If you can't handle your anger at anyone in the game, then this clan is not for you. This clan has always been in my mind whenever I play an online game. I have seen many people cursing, shouting over the mic, and just rage quitting.

I'm here to stop it.

We get killed, we get right back up without a word. We get trolled, we get right back up with a word. We get completely overpowered, we get right back up without a word. We get up, and we Just Kill.  

This will be a new revolution. We do not need fancy, paid guns. We do not need to complain. We Just Kill. We do not tolerate disrespect, but we also do not rage at the one who disrespected us. We prove it to them that we are worthy. And how do we do that? We Just Kill. We're few in numbers, but as long as we're determined, we're going to give them hell.

I will help you.
Although I may not be able to always be there to teach you, I will give you tips and tricks to help you.

Be patient with this website
I am New, and therefore it will take me time to get the hang of, but I assure you, once we are good to go, we'll crush our opposition.

See you in the game!
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